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The Medical Imaging and Radiation Science award offers channels for specialisation and the broadening of knowledge for professionals in medical imaging and radiotherapy. It will appeal to students who are eager to become specialists or managers in their areas of practice. Clinical experience and practice in medical imaging and radiotherapy are integrated into the curriculum to encourage more reflective observation and active experimentation. 3400 8578

Master of Medical Sciences/香港大學 It provides structured training in basic medical and clinical disciplines to enable postgraduates to embark on specialist studies, practice or teaching for career and personal development. Specialised Field of Study: Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Clinical Oncology (Clinical Physics in Radiation Oncology and Medical Imaging), School of Biomedical Sciences (Current Topics in Biomedical Sciences), etc. 3917 9155



MPhil in Imaging and Interventional  Radiology/香港中文大學 The programme is research-oriented. It will follow a prescribed series of investigation and students should inform themselves in depth about the fields of knowledge relevant to the topic of their projects. In addition to the 26 units and other requirements as prescribed by the Division, students will be required to submit a research thesis and pass an oral examination for graduation. Fields of Specialization:
.Magnetic Resonance Imaging
.Computed Tomography
.Interventional Radiology
.Nuclear Medicine and Molecular imaging
.Radiography, Medical Physics and Image Processing
3505 2289

放射治療學(榮譽)理學士課程/東華學院 The first year will mainly concentrate on General Education and some fundamental scientific learning in Radiotherapy. From the second year onwards, students will be taught topics related to the practice of radiation therapy technology e.g. radiation oncology, radiotherapy techniques, radiotherapy physics and equipment, radiation safety and radiobiology. Students are required to complete 36 weeks of clinical practicum which spreads throughout Year 2 to Year 4.
Graduates are eligible for registration as a Radiographer (Therapeutic) (Part II).
3190 6678