JUMP 一直致力為求職者、年輕人提供各行各業的就業和進修資訊,尤其在醫護、社福和教育等三大專業範疇。除了積極網羅全港的重點職位空缺外,更會提供多元化的行業趨勢、招聘行情、發展前景、增值課程等資訊,務求令年輕人、現職或有志向專業發展的人士在事業路上做好十足的準備、有百分百的把握!

JUMP is dedicated to provide job seekers with employment opportunities, especially in three major professional categories: HEALTHCARE, SOCIAL SERVICE, and EDUCATION.In addition, JUMP also caters for young people with a variety of industry trends, recruitment market news, career prospects, and continuing education courses to establish an excellent career path.