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生物醫學工程理學碩士/香港城市大學 Biomedical Engineering focuses on using engineering principles, techniques and design concepts for healthcare purposes. There is an increasing demand for education and development in the field to improve healthcare and quality of life. The demand has driven the need for developing professionals who will advance the evolution of modern healthcare system, treatment and technology. The Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (MSBME) Programme aims to offer education and training opportunity to engineers to pursue higher-level study in biomedical field to promote engineering to future healthcare applications. 3442 8420
生物醫學工程理學碩士/香港理工大學 This biomedical engineering award addresses the growing importance of the development of state-of-the-art medical devices, assistive, digital and other health technologies for affordable healthcare. It is designed for engineers, scientists and health professionals who are interested in the field of health technology. We provide students with a broad-based knowledge of advances in biomedical engineering, rehabilitation engineering and digital health, thus enhancing their ability to develop and apply technology in health and rehabilitation care. 3400 8577
生物醫學工程理學碩士/香港中文大學 課程邀請了來自醫學院,生命科學學院和工程學院的教授授課,內容涵蓋了生物科學、醫學及工程等一系列的重要課題,其中包括生物化學技術、生物信息學、生物力學、生物納米技術、醫學成像、康復、假肢、醫療器械和醫療器械監管等。學生可在課堂中接觸到不同範疇的專業人士,從而獲取最新資訊及技術內容。 39431935