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營養治療學碩士課程/香港大學專業進修學院(與Ulster University, U.K.合作) The MSc in Dietetics programme aims to fulfill both the academic and professional requirements laid down by the Academic Committees of HKU SPACE and the Ulster University, UK. Graduates of the programme are eligible to apply to be Registered Dietitians with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC, U.K.). The qualification will provide them with the knowledge to practice dietetics with individuals and groups in the hospital and the community setting. 2975 5881

MSc in Nutrition, Food Science and Technology/香港中文大學 課程是為現職或有志在食品或營養學發展的人士而設;結合食品科學與科技,提供深入、嶄新及實用的知識,以提升有關人才在食品科學、科技與營養的專門知識。 3943 32443943 6116

Master of Public Health/香港大學 To prepare students from diverse backgrounds and experience with the knowledge and competencies for the effective practice of public health and to become the next generation of public health leaders. 3917 9140

社會科學碩士(輔導學)課程/香港城市大學 It is to provide professional counsellor education for competent and thoughtful practice as counsellors in a variety of human services, school, and health care settings or in other professional/occupational fields wherein counselling training is an asset. 3442 8991