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心理學(學校及社區)社會科學碩士課程/香港教育大學 .Unique Master’s degree programme in Psychology designed for non-psychology degree holders and concentrated on schools and community settings.

.Gateway to careers and further studies in the fields of psychology and education.

2948 8544

心理學社會科學碩士課程/香港樹仁大學 It sets out to provide an education for students who are holders of Bachelor’s degrees with Honours in fields other than psychology who have an interest in gaining psychological knowledge. It will also serve as the first step for those who intend to pursue Master’s level education or above in the field of psychology in Hong Kong or overseas. 2104 8270

MA in Psychology/香港中文大學 It aims to provide university graduates who did not major in psychology an opportunity to pursue graduate studies in psychology. It would prepare eligible candidates a solid foundation in psychology for future pursuit of various professional and research postgraduate programmes in psychology in Hong Kong. 3943 8084

應用心理學碩士學位(特殊學習需要)課程/香港理工大學 It targets in-service teachers, teaching support personnel, social workers, and related health-care professionals who aspire to support individuals with diverse learning needs. It aims to develop expertise in providing evidence-based support to individuals with diverse learning needs in school and community settings. 2766 4314

Master of Social Sciences in the field of Educational Psychology/香港大學 Courses include psychoeducational assessment and intervention, children with special needs, research methods, applied developmental psychology, curriculum and instruction, motivation and learning, professional ethics and issues in educational psychology, and skills-training seminar. Supervised practical training and an empirical thesis are also included. 3917 5866