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社會服務管理文學碩士課程/香港中文大學 課程旨在提供全面的理論基礎訓練,幫助同學發展應用管理社會服務機構的技巧和能力;涵蓋不同有關社會服務管理的範疇,包括最新的組織理論、策略性計劃、人力資源發展、財政管理及程序評估等。同學亦可透過以研究為本的社會服務管理計劃探討重要管理問題的一些解決方法。 3943 7556

社會工作文學碩士學位(家庭本位實務及家庭治療)課程/香港理工大學 It is designed for practising social workers and related human service professionals who are interested in working with individuals, couples and families. Students are encouraged to enhance their sensitivity to recognise the complexity and inter-connectedness of the problems and issues that confront people; to reflect upon and draw implications from examining the social, economic and political contexts that influence human service practitioners and their clients with individual, marital and family problems; to relate family-centred practice theories and systems therapy to their own practice; and to develop personalised professional styles. 2766 5715

Master of Social Sciences in the field of Mental Health/香港大學 It is designed to provide practitioners in medical, rehabilitation, social services, or mental health settings with advanced knowledge in psychiatric, psychosocial and vocational aspects of mental health and psychiatric rehabilitation. It also provides opportunities for practitioners to advance their clinical skills in mental health counselling. 3917 20733917 2075

Master of Social Work/香港浸會大學 此課程專為受過本科社工訓練並希望增加更多專業知識和提高訓練技巧而設,尤其是在青年工作和精神健康實踐這兩方面。課程不斷加入新的學術元素、引入新課程以應對社會工作者和當事人所面臨不斷增加的挑戰,如物質濫用、青少年親密關係間的虐待、家庭暴力以及精神病人困境。 3411 5562

社會工作碩士課程/香港城市大學 This program aims at training professionals qualifying for recognized social work qualification (RSW) at the Master’s degree level. It aims to train students in becoming competent social work practitioners working in a variety of social service settings. It aspires to train students becoming ethically-oriented social work practitioners being competent, reflective and good in professional practice. 3442 8991