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It is designed to provide professional training in chemical testing, certification and quality assurance of manufacturing products as well as in the monitoring of the environment, food sources, drugs and consumer products to meet the demands in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta region.
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The programme helps students to gain comprehensive and professional knowledge in the field of Testing and Certification through a structured engineering approach. Courses in year 3 and 4 are grouped into 3 specialized areas, including Electrical and Electronic, Physical and Mechanical, and Chemical and Microbiological.
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MSc in Accreditation Chemistry/


This programme aims at giving graduates with a relevant Bachelor of Science degree a thorough understanding of the concepts of quality assurance in laboratory operations and is intended to develop their technical expertise in various fields of chemical testing.
MSc in Analytical Chemistry/


Modern analysis techniques, real-world analytical problems and the physical principles will be covered. The program will also provide extensive experimental hands-on experience, including laboratory-based courses.
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