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設計學碩士學位課程/香港理工大學 It contains 5 different specialisms: Design Practices, Design Strategies, Interaction Design, International Design and Business Management (ID&BM) and Urban Environments Design. Hong Kong, as a world-class city, is an international environment that blends Eastern and Western influences. Students study in English but explore the increasingly world-changing context of Chinese culture as they acquire interdisciplinary skills and cultural experiences that extend creative, critical and analytical thinking and development across boundaries. 3400 3440

視覺藝術文學碩士課程/香港浸會大學 It is a practice-based taught post-graduate programme with international impact and cross-cultural scope in terms of student origins, staffing, course contents as well as curricular and extra-curricular collaborations with other international institutions. Students can choose from two concentrations namely Studio & Media Arts and Craft & Design. 3411 8273

文化管理文學碩士課程/香港中文大學 It intends to provide a well-rounded education that covers the various major arts forms, including performing arts, visual arts and media art. In addition to offering courses to nurture critical skills and equip students with general knowledge in cultural management, it also offers advanced courses such as the studies of curatorship, exhibition design, IT application in cultural management and arts festival organization to encourage specialization in studies. 3943 6209

藝術碩士(創意媒體)課程/香港城市大學 It is committed to train creative producers that are prepared and adaptable to the rapidly changing landscape of media production and creative environment by providing 1) solid training of cutting-edge technology, 2) in-depth understanding of contemporary issues in media art, and 3) a trans-disciplinary and international learning environment. 3442 8049

舞台及娛樂科藝高級文憑課程/IVE(李惠利) 課程旨在培訓舞台及現場視聽娛樂製作之幕後科藝專業人才。畢業生於各演藝場館、專業藝團、視聽顧問等機構,擔任設計師、控制員及視聽顧問等工作。 2897 6111