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The programme aims to broadly support the development of effective, people-centred governance in Hong Kong by producing graduates who can creatively contribute to policy analysis for, and the innovative management of, a wide range of public, private and non-governmental organizations.
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Master of Social Sciences in Comparative Social Policy (International)/


It is a unique taught master’s program that offers an applied international and comparative focus to the study of social policy, development, policy analysis and governance.
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It aims to prepare students to develop the necessary core professional and personal competence required to work in the field of social policy and to engage in professional practices in social development. This involves gaining critical knowledge and skills in analysing and appreciating local and global policy issues and the ability to formulate and assess policy options that ensure effective, appropriate and sustainable outcomes, uphold social justice and improve social well-being.
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The courses focus on both theoretical foundation and professional practices. They aim at broadening the students’ horizon and enhancing their ability to formulate, analyze, and implement public policy.
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Master of Public Administration/


The key objectives of the programme are to equip students with the latest knowledge needed to understand the organisation and operation of the public sector; and to acquire skills that will enable them to become effective public managers in Hong Kong and beyond. The courses offered in the curriculum are designed primarily to meet the challenges facing the public or non-profit sectors in a rapidly changing environment. Individuals working in the private sector and firms may also find the programme useful in enhancing their understanding of the government and other public organisations.
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