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課程名稱/開辦院校 課程簡介 查詢
Master of Public Health/香港大學 It is a broadly based graduate training programme designed to prepare physicians, dentists, nurses, other health professionals, medical and health researchers and policy analysts to identify and analyse contemporary health and healthcare issues in Hong Kong, China and the Asia Pacific. 3917 9140

公共衛生碩士課程/香港中文大學 The program offers all students grounding in professionally recognized competencies and in areas increasingly recognized as core to public health. It also offers courses in areas of special interest – including epidemiology, environmental health, health promotion, health management. 2252 84342252 8466

Master of Science in Environmental and Public Health Management/香港浸會大學 課程的主要目標是通過跨學科教學模式,將管理技術與科學中的環境資源管理和維護公共健康理念互相結合;內容着重於可持續發展和環境健康管理技術和風險管理。 3411 7746