Post Date: 19 Dec 2018

Types: Full Time
Education: Certificate / Diploma
Salary: -
Location: Shatin Area

Union Hospital

Registered Midwife (for In-Patient / Out-Patient)


Ref : MP/191218/RNRM

  • Holder of Hong Kong Registered Nurse license and valid practicing certificate
  • At least 2 years' relevant working experience
  • Special Midwifery Duty Allowance equivalent to one salary point provided
  • Clinical Governance executed with well organized medical support team for services


求職者可在本院網站 下載職位申請表 (請寫上職位編號),並連同證明文件經以下途徑遞交:

郵寄: 新界沙田大圍富健街十八號 仁安醫院
    人力資源部收 或
傳真: 2697 5028

  • 註一:所收集的資料只作招聘用途。
  • 註二:若申請人於兩個月內仍未收到任何通知,則當自動落選;半年內已遞交同一職位申請之人士,無須再遞交申請表。
  • 註三:因應「性罪行定罪紀錄查核」機制已實施,本院將會要求有關職位的準僱員進行性罪行定罪紀錄查核。

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