Post Date: 31 Oct 2018

Types: -
Education: Certificate / Diploma
Salary: -
Location: -


Doctor (Full-time / Half-time / Part-time)


Full-time / Half-time with three-year renewable contract
Part-time with one-year renewable contract

To provide family planning, abortion, and sexual and reproductive health care to youth, men & women. Candidates must be registered in Hong Kong, Cantonese and English speaking, with experience in performing surgical and medical abortion preferred. Need to work shift from 9am-8pm in different locations and may require to work on Sundays. Remuneration commensurate with experience, which may include monthly allowance and end-of-contract gratuity up to a total of HK$1.35M per annum. For part-time, work no more than 18 hours per week within 9am - 8pm in different locations in accordance with a mutually agreed monthly time-table at an hourly rate of HK$439.


有意者請於十一月十四日或之前,附求職信及履歷,註明申請職位及 (如全職) 要求待遇,來函:灣仔軒尼詩道一百三十號修頓中心十樓,行政部收,或電郵至 。如在兩個月內仍未接獲回覆者,其申請將作落選論。申請人所提供之資料,只會用作招聘用途。所有未獲聘用人士之個人資料將於兩年內銷毀。

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