Post Date: 10 Nov 2017

Functions: Social Service
Types: Full Time
Education: -
Salary: -
Location: -

Haven of Hope Christian Service


A non-profit making and inter-denominational Christian organization is now looking for high-caliber candidates who would align with our Mission : "Through a ministry of holistic care, we strive to share the Gospel and develop a Christian community. In the love of Christ, we deliver our service in a caring, professional and progressive spirit so that the lives of those serving and being served are mutually enriched." The position which paves for a rewarding career is Operations Manager.



  • 曾修讀保健員訓練課程,並已註冊成為保健員
  • 對護理行業有熱誠、愛心及寧養服務有心志者更為合適
  • 服務體弱長者、長期病患者及晚期癌症病人
  • 與護士團隊並肩提供護理服務,需輪班服務
  • 經驗較少者可申請為初級護理助理員


有意者請於二零一七年十月七日前親繕履歷及期望待遇 (請於信封面及信內註明申請職位編號) 寄新界將軍澳靈實路七號基督教靈實協會人力資源部收,或電郵至 (電郵標題請註明職位編號)。如申請人於二零一七年十一月七日前未獲通知約見,則作落選論。如有任何查詢請致電 2703 3238。

有關本會詳情,請瀏覽網頁 :

可能獲聘人士(如從事與兒童或精神上無行為能力人士有關工作職位)須於入職前進行 / 提交性罪行定罪紀錄查核。申請人所提供的資料將予保密及作招聘有關職位用途。

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