Post Date: 03 Aug 2022
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    The new QP provides world-class and comprehensive training to ensure that upon completion, the newly qualified CPAs will be equipped with the necessary technical knowledge, professional skills, values and ethics, and relevant practical experience to meet the needs of employers in today's work environment.

    The new QP comprises three progressive levels with 14 modules and a Capstone, i.e. Associate Level (10 modules), Professional Level (four modules) and Capstone. It offers alternative pathways and greater flexibility for students with different educational backgrounds, including sub-degree holders and non-accounting majors, to become CPAs.

    Course Features:
    - Expert in accounting & business education for more than 60 years.
    Our expertise is well-recognised in the field.
    - Professional team with profound knowledge and techniques on the subject matters, and are dedicated to assisting students to pass the relevant exams.
    - Our course fees are very affordable so that needy students will not be denied from the chance to fulfil their ambitions.

    時數 :18 - 45 小時
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    尖沙咀柯士甸道81號 (港鐵佐敦站C2出口) / (西鐵柯士甸站F出口)
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    $2500 - $4200
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    額滿即止,請致電2730 5653查詢
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    2730 5653 / 5425 7955 (Whatsapp)
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    2736 0612
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