Post Date: 07 Jan 2022
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    Customer Experience Essentials
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    生產力學院(HKPC Academy) 提供優質的專業培訓服務,讓業界提升競爭力及可持續發展能力,培育人材應對國際市場的轉變及支援香港本地發展。
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    "This program aims at helping all employees, regardless their job positions, to understand the basics and give them the idea that good customer experience is about creating values which can be done in any scales and budgets.

    Learning Outcomes

    1. Participants will learn the fundamental knowledge of customer experience and understand how to create values from practicing it
    2. Inspires participants that good customer experience can be simple yet powerful; everyone can play a part to make a difference
    3. Engages everyone on idea crowdsourcing exercise to carry on the momentum of discovering, learning and appreciating customer experience
    4. Introduces some popular tools e.g. CJM, pain-points and opportunities, etc"

    "Training Methodologies

    1. Around one hour online training program for everyone to learn customer experience anytime, anywhere.

    2. Experience Archetypes®: a framework adopted in the program to understand and appreciate customer experience from psychological perspectives for both customers and internal customers.

    3. Idea Hunter portal: for participants to collect, appreciate, and share ideas. A digital Idea Box is therefore built for continuous inspiration flow.

    Programme Contents

    • What is Customer Experience?
    • Why should we care about it?
    • What makes a great customer experience?
    • Best practices of value creation through customer experience (depicted by Experience Archetypes®)
    • What is Customer Centric?
    • Who are the customers?
    • The customer experience journey
    • Value creation through discovering pain-points and opportunities
    • The “Internal Customer” in customer experience
    • Participants’ roles in practicing customer experience (for both customers and internal customers)
    • When idea is king and we are the Idea Hunters
    • Idea Hunter app and platform demo and tutorial (Digital Innovative Idea Box for Organization Development)"
  • Start Date
    Anytime before Mar 2022
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    Online Learning Platform (Accessing anytime upon purchase)
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    HK$ 700 (Early-bird: HK$630, applicable on or before 29 Oct 2021)
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    (+852) 2788 6342
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