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Post Date: 23 Jul 2018
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    Higher Diploma In Music Studies音樂研習高級文憑
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  • Descriptions
    • 教授學生專業的音樂知識和提供實踐音樂才能的機會,鞏固他們的音樂基礎
    • 協助學生發展音樂專長,包括分析能力、運用技巧、創意和思考,培育下一代作曲家丶音樂家丶教育工作者及行政管理人員
    • 幫助學生將來繼續升學

    • 提供專業及全面的音樂訓練
    • 使學生具備良好的音樂才能,將來能夠在音樂界工作(例如: 教學、音樂指導、編曲等)或繼續升讀音樂相關的課程
    • 將天主教核心價值觀納入正規課程和課外活動之中
    • 與其他明愛機構和專業團體緊密聯繫,尋求合作機會
    Programme Aims
    • provides students with a solid foundation in musical knowledge and musicianship with practical opportunities;
    • develops students’ analytical and practical skills, creative and musical thinking required in the next generation as composers, musicians, educators or administrators;
    • prepares students for further studies in relevant disciplines, e.g. instrumental/vocal teaching, music production, music composition and critical writing.

    Programme Features
    • offers an intensive training in music studies
    • equips students to work in music industry, e.g. studio teaching, music coaching, and musical arrangement, etc., on the one hand, it also prepares students to continue their music studies in the academia on the other hand
    • incorporates the elements of value education of Catholic Church into the formal curriculum and extra-curriculum of our programme
    • connects with other Caritas groups and professional organizations in the field for potential synergetic collaboration
  • Start Date
    Mid-September 2018二零一八年九月中
  • Venue
    Tseung Kwan O Campus (TKO) 將軍澳校區
  • Fee
    Please consult our staff during application報名時請向職員查詢
  • Deadline of Application
    Applications now open till mid-September (before commencement of academic year 2018-19) 截止日期:2018年九月中 (2018-19新學年開始前)
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    3702 4388(綜合教育、職業英語) 3653 6600(音樂研習)
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    18 Chui Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O (Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station), New Territories 新界將軍澳翠嶺路18號 (調景嶺港鐵站)
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