Post Date: 24 Dec 2018
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    MPhil/PhD in Sociology 社會學哲學碩士/博士
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    The MPhil/PhD Programme is designed to train scholars or researchers who are solidly grounded in theoretical perspectives, highly original and specialized in their chosen fields, yet knowledgeable in a broader interdisciplinary network of knowledges. The MPhil/PhD aims to equip scholars or researchers with advanced knowledge and skills in a specialist field, enabling them to undertake roles requiring specialist expertise relating to the pursuit and application of knowledge, and to make a significant impact in their chosen area of expertise.

    Our MPhil/PhD programme in Sociology provides students with rigorous interdisciplinary training and guidance to conduct research on a specific topic of your interest. The MPhil programme requires the satisfactory completion of coursework and a thesis. It prepares one for the pursuit of a PhD or a professional career. The PhD program requires the satisfactory completion of coursework and a thesis. It provides advanced training for students who intend to pursue academic as well as professional careers.

    Programme Highlights:
    - Chinese Societies with a comparative perspective
    - Rigorous academic training with interdisciplinary nature covering Sociology, Anthropology, Cultural and Heritage Studies, Criminology
    - Multiple research methods to conduct research with community impact and policy implications
    - Close supervisor-student relationship, interactive teaching environment

    Reflections from two PhD students:
    - Studying at HKSYU has helped me to actualize my mission and vision as a Lecturer in the Vocational Training Council. Pursuing PhD in Sociology has broadened my horizons in not only Sociology but also related areas such as Education and Policy.
    - The PhD programme at HKSYU provides me with rigorous academic training, which enables me to learn how to be an independent critical thinker and researcher. HKSYU also offers me a pleasant office and a hostel with a nice view of the harbor and beautiful landscape of HK.
  • Start Date
    Commencement: 2 September 2019
  • Venue
    Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Wai Tsui Crescent, North Point, Hong Kong
  • Fee
    Full-time: HK$69,000/year Part-time: HK$46,000/year.
  • Deadline of Application
    Application Deadline: 28 Feburary 2019
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    香港北角寶馬山慧翠道10號 10 Wai Tsui Crescent, North Point, Hong Kong
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