Post Date: 24 Dec 2018
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    MPhil/PhD in Economics 經濟學哲學碩士/博士
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    The MPhil/PhD Programme is designed to train scholars or researchers who are solidly grounded in theoretical perspectives, highly original and specialized in their chosen fields, yet knowledgeable in a broader interdisciplinary network of knowledges. The MPhil/PhD aims to equip scholars or researchers with advanced knowledge and skills in a specialist field, enabling them to undertake roles requiring specialist expertise relating to the pursuit and application of knowledge, and to make a significant impact in their chosen area of expertise.

    With Us, You Will Achieve! The MPhil/PhD programme in Economics which is fully accredited by the HKCAAVQ is the only programme in HK that is provided by a local private university. Our programme provides students with knowledge of advanced economic and financial theories; the skills to apply the theories to interpret the real-world phenomena and policy choices effectively. More importantly, we expect our MPhil/PhD graduates with high standard of academic integrity and professional honesty.

    Our expertise includes game theories, economic modelling, dynamic economics, real estate economics, entrepreneurship, social economics, economic optimization and public policy analysis. Researches of some faculty members are interdisciplinary, covering sociology, psychology, political science, philosophy and history.

    The employment opportunity is brilliant. They can embark their careers in economic research, policy analysis, strategic management and teaching in: university and academic institutes, banking, financial institutions and business enterprises, government departments and policy units, international consultancy firms, NGOs, and Think-tanks. In particular, "Belt and Road Initiatives" and "Greater Bay Area" integrating Hong Kong, Southern China and the rest of the world provide excellent employment opportunity for Shue Yan's MPhil/PhD graduates with development planning and analytical skills.
  • Start Date
    Commencement: 2 September 2019
  • Venue
    Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Wai Tsui Crescent, North Point, Hong Kong
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    Full-time: HK$69,000/year Part-time: HK$46,000/year.
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    Application Deadline: 28 Feburary 2019
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    香港北角寶馬山慧翠道10號 10 Wai Tsui Crescent, North Point, Hong Kong
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