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   Position Company (no. of jobs) Posted on Type Salary Education Website
1Administrative AssistantHONG CHI ASSOCIATION (73)2015-04-01 F Bachelor/學士學位
2Administrative AssistantPING TAK INVESTMENT CO LTD (1)2015-04-01 F DSE / Form 7 or above/DSE / 中七或以上
3Assistant Marketing Executive明報出版社 (9)2015-04-01
4Assistant RegistrarSOCIAL WORKERS REGISTRATION BOARD (1)2015-04-01 F Bachelor/學士學位
5Associate Medical TechnologistHONG KONG BAPTIST HOSPITAL (9)2015-04-01 F Bachelor/學士學位
6Chinese Teacher (GM) (Must meet PTH benchmark requirements)YING WA COLLEGE (7)2015-04-01 F Bachelor/學士學位
7Clerk明報出版社 (9)2015-04-01
8Clinic Assistant (Clinic in Central)Not available (1)2015-04-01 F 
9Clinic Assistant (助護)INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SPECIALISTS (2)2015-04-01 F 
10Corporate Communications ManagerTHE SOCIETY OF REHABILITATION AND CRIME PREVENTION, HONG KONG (11)2015-04-01 F Bachelor/學士學位
11Dental Surgery AssistantDENTAL IMPLANT SURGICAL CENTRE(SURGERY- ORIENTED) (1)2015-04-01 F Certificate/Diploma/證書或文憑
12Education and Outreach Officer 教育及外展主任 (Marketing 市場推廣)CHUNG YING THEATRE COMPANY (1)2015-04-01 F Bachelor/學士學位
13Educational Psychologist (Required for September 2015)CATHOLIC EDUCATION OFFICE (1)2015-04-01 F Master or above/碩士或以上
14Fundraising OfficerHONG KONG FEDERATION OF WOMEN'S CENTRES (4)2015-04-01 F Bachelor/學士學位
15General PractitionerWORLDMATE MEDICAL CLINIC (YUEN LONG) LIMITED (2)2015-04-01 F Certificate/Diploma/證書或文憑
16Geography Teacher (GM)YING WA COLLEGE (7)2015-04-01 F Bachelor/學士學位
17History Teacher (GM)YING WA COLLEGE (7)2015-04-01 F Bachelor/學士學位
18IT AssistantHKMA DAVID LI KWOK PO COLLEGE (2)2015-04-01 F 
19IT OfficerHKMA DAVID LI KWOK PO COLLEGE (2)2015-04-01 F Certificate/Diploma/證書或文憑
20Junior PhysiotherapistELIZABETH WONG PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC (CENTRAL) (1)2015-04-01 F HK$36,000+/HK$36,000+
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Jobs 1 - 20 of 270 found.
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